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Per the Measurement Act, water meters must be replaced at least once every eight years.

As a professional water meter replacement service, our Aichi Maintenance Service has been solving water meter problems in various houses such as apartments, condominiums, and houses with the motto of safety first, security first, and trust first. Proper installation could have the added benefit of lowering your water bill!
We can handle everything from meter model selection to ordering and installation.
Managers of buildings with a minimum of two or three units, please contact us!
Leave it to Aichi Maintenance Service, a community-based company that offers reliable water meter replacement, which is mandatory every eight years.

We can handle all your water meter replacements from start to finish!

To Water Meter Owners and ManagersHave you forgotten to replace your water meter?Have you forgotten to replace your water meter?

Where can you find out when your water meter expires?

You can check the expiration date of your meter by looking at the sticker on the back of the meter lid or the sealing ball attached to the meter.

What happens if you continue to use the water meter after the expiration date?

  • (1)The offender shall be punished by imprisonment for not more than 6 months or a fine of not more than 500,000 yen, or both. (Article 172 of the Measurement Law)
  • (2)The amount paid by the manager to the water utility (water bureau) may be higher than the water bill collected from the resident due to the deterioration of the meter's performance.

Does a private meter have to be replaced after its expiration date?

If a private meter is also collecting the fee, the meter must be within the expiration date.

Sub-meter (private meter)
A " sub-meter" or " private meter" is a meter that is installed by the building owner or manager for the purpose of managing the building in question.
When the water bills paid to the water company (water bureau) by the main meter are to be divided and collected based on sub-meters in each house, the sub-meters must also be valid meters. When collecting fees based on an expired meter, the owner or manager of the building or facility may be subject to penalties under the law (Article 172 of the Measurement Law).
Main meter
The " main meter" is a meter installed and managed by the water company (water bureau) for the supply of housing complexes.
The water company ( Water Bureau) replaces it before the expiration date.

Centralized meter reading system

Centralized water meter reading from outside the condominium is possible, and the wiring method can be selected according to the building.

Wireless Meter Reading System

This system enables meter reading at a distance from the water meter. It uses a specified low-power radio.
This system can improve the efficiency of meter reading, especially in difficult locations.